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Setup AD Authentication in vCenter 5 Virtual Appliance

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Okay, so I’ve setup a vCenter 5 virtual appliance and want to tie it into Active Directory (AD) – now what?!  I searched around and couldn’t find a quick-and-easy “here’s what to do”, so after figuring it out, here’s what I did (hope it helps!).

VMware has a helpful reference at

First, there are plenty of references around how to setup AD access.  I setup a service account specifically for vCenter in my AD, then used the account credentials along with the FQDN in the appliance web interface (Authentication -> Active Directory).  BTW, in case you’ve forgotten how to get to your virtual appliance’s web interface, it’s http://<your vCenter IP>:5480 (it’ll redirect you to a secure self-signed page).  Don’t forget that when you enable AD on the appliance, you have to restart the appliance (easily accomplished by going to System -> Reboot).

After you have AD access, log into your vSphere Client (going to your vCenter appliance) and select your root-level item (logging in as the root account at this point).  Click on the Permissions tab and right-click, then click on the “Add Permission…” link, then add your username and/or AD group with the appropriate permissions.

After doing this, things were good – I can sign-in to vCenter using my AD credentials without a problem!

Hope the above helps!  Until next time…

VLANs in IOS and NX-OS

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

There are always limitations and system-reserved resources on network platforms.  For years, certain VLANs have been “off-limits” on IOS platforms.  With NX-OS, we also have “off-limit” VLANs, however they are different from the IOS counterparts.


Cisco VSS presentation

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve presented to several Cisco User Groups on Cisco Virtual Switching System 1440 (VSS).  I’ve attached my presentation here (which can also be found on several Cisco User Group websites where I’ve presented).

This is (and is intended to be) a technical presentation, not a sales pitch or a high-level presentation.  Not only are configuration snippets shown, but some example scenarios are given. (more…)