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Online Requisition System (ORS)

Thursday, January 13th, 2005

OBSELENCE NOTE: This was written well over a year ago, so may be outdated (ie. may have broken links — if so, let me know and I’ll update).  Just because it’s old doesn’t mean that it’s not worth sharing!



This is a requisition and PO management system that I built.  The ORS interfaces with Meditech’s data repository (DR) to provide accurate shipping and status from the Meditech system itself (assuming that your site has Materials Management (MM)).  The system could still be used if you don’t have Meditech, but quite a bit of the code would have to be modified (it was originally designed to tightly integrate with Meditech).

Each user is authenticated against a Windows NT/2000 domain.  Group permission can be setup by the NT group that the user is a member of (mapping NT groups to the appropriate ORS groups requires a manual initial mapping).  There are system-wide limits for how much can be ordered without a super-user’s signature, etc.

Another added bonus for this system is the digital signature component’s integration with digital tablets.  I chose to use the ePad tablets (when originally designed, the only ePad tablets around were serial-based — you could probably get by using the USB just as easily).  The only catch is that the proper Windows drivers must be configured on the workstation that has the ePad for the digital signature piece to work properly (digital signatures need only be received from super-users — people who approve purchases over set limits within the system).

For more info, read over the docs below (go to the downloads section below).