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Setup AD Authentication in vCenter 5 Virtual Appliance

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Okay, so I’ve setup a vCenter 5 virtual appliance and want to tie it into Active Directory (AD) – now what?!  I searched around and couldn’t find a quick-and-easy “here’s what to do”, so after figuring it out, here’s what I did (hope it helps!).

VMware has a helpful reference at

First, there are plenty of references around how to setup AD access.  I setup a service account specifically for vCenter in my AD, then used the account credentials along with the FQDN in the appliance web interface (Authentication -> Active Directory).  BTW, in case you’ve forgotten how to get to your virtual appliance’s web interface, it’s http://<your vCenter IP>:5480 (it’ll redirect you to a secure self-signed page).  Don’t forget that when you enable AD on the appliance, you have to restart the appliance (easily accomplished by going to System -> Reboot).

After you have AD access, log into your vSphere Client (going to your vCenter appliance) and select your root-level item (logging in as the root account at this point).  Click on the Permissions tab and right-click, then click on the “Add Permission…” link, then add your username and/or AD group with the appropriate permissions.

After doing this, things were good – I can sign-in to vCenter using my AD credentials without a problem!

Hope the above helps!  Until next time…