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Some NX-OS features can’t be manually enabled

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

The whole idea around features in NX-OS has been intriguing to me. It’s a good idea – I like it. It seems very similar to services on many other OSs (particularly *nix systems), however it doesn’t always strike me as having a rich feature set as of now.

For instance, the NX-OS config guides repeatedly refer to the show feature command to look at which features are enabled.  I’ve already mentioned that this command doesn’t exist today in older NX-OS versions – the currently-available NX-OS versions today support this feature (a reader confirmed this on the N7k and I’ve confirmed it on the N5k).  See this article for more info.  There are some interesting behaviors around features, in that some are manually enabled, while others are automatically enabled and disabled as needed.  Let’s dig into this a little deeper for an example… (more…)

A Primer on Some of the Differences Between IOS and NX-OS

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

There are many similarities between IOS and NX-OS, however there are some significant differences as well. Before delving further into this topic, here’s what I was working with: NX-OS 4.0(1a)N1(1) (Nexus 5000) and IOS 12.4(17). This article gives a brief summary of the some of the differences (and similarities) of NX-OS and IOS. (more…)