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FEX configs are retained

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The N5k maintains the config of the FEXs, even when they’re removed (and even though it’s not visible to us). In this article, we’re going to look into this a little further… We’ll start with a working FEX, using Po100 (with Eth1/19-20 being the physical bundle members). (more…)

NT/2000 Event Log Archiver & Viewing System

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

OBSELENCE NOTE: This was written well over a year ago, so may be outdated (ie. may have broken links — if so, let me know and I’ll update).  Just because it’s old doesn’t mean that it’s not worth sharing!


There are lots of products out there that allow you to remotely view your NT/2000-based event logs.  Not many of these allow for an archival and later viewing of these events.  If you look for something free, it really narrows the field down — so I wrote a program that would archive NT/2000 event logs to a SQL database.

After I had them archived, I noticed that my SQL database was really filling up fast.  I decided to code the ability to export certain events from the SQL DB to an XML file, allowing the file to be burned to a CD/DVD for archival.

Well, now I’ve got a 600MB XML file, and no way to view it.  Naturally, I wrote a program that would view and print the XML file as if you were looking directly at the NT/2000 event log itself.

Obviously there are several pieces to the big picture:

  1. The archiver (reads event log entries – stores them in the SQL DB – exports events to XML file).
  2. The viewer (reads XML file for viewing/printing).
  3. The SQL DB (plan on having a lot of space taken up by these logs).

NOTE: You need to have the MS XML parser installed on the machine that you run any of the first two above programs on to have them work.  If you’re looking for the MS XML Parser 4.0 SP2, go to